Turati e Associati

The firm of Turati & Villa was founded in 1971 by Giuseppe Turati and Emilio Villa who wanted to create a professional association able to provide consultancy in business, legal, administrative, accountancy and labour issues.

The firm of chartered accountants was originally set up with two branches in Milan and Monza with a combined office area of 250 square meters, and the two founding partners were assisted by a team of six professionals. The accountancy practice specialized in dealing with small, mainly family-run businesses in Milan and the Brianza area.
In its 40 year history the Turati and Villa studio has evolved gradually, taking on new partners and new associates; today it has a team of some 40 professionals. Nowadays our work in the two centers of Milan and Monza is carried out in a combined office area of over 1300 square meters and we deal with professionals and companies of all sizes from many different locations.
Since 2008 our third office in Merate has allowed us to maintain our presence, now with an even stronger presence in the Brianza area. Our work is conducted from a 250 square meter office by a team of 12 professionals. The Turati e Associati firm of chartered accountants also works closely with the legal studio of Prof. Gian Carlo Rivolta, Professor in Business Law at the Università degli Studi in Milan, which provides legal services to our clients.