Milano 20122 - Via Larga 8
T: +39 02 72008136
F: +39 02 89014344

Cee Revisione e Certificazione Ltd. is an auditing and accounting organization, listed in the Register of Auditors, based in Milan in Via Larga, 8. It was founded by a group of chartered accountants and auditors from Milan, who felt the need to provide small and medium-sized companies with specialized assistance in the field of accounting.
Its principal services include:

- Mandatory Auditing: for all those companies for whom the introduction of the new company law has made auditing an official requirement.
- Voluntary Auditing: for all those corporations who, while not being obliged to audit their financial statements, nevertheless wish to make use of the professional judgment of an external auditor who can examine their accounts.
- Auditing targeted to specific areas of the accounts: for firms seeking to conduct due-diligence in their accounting during the buying and selling of businesses, spin-offs, credit transfers, etc.