The firm has expanded its operations over the years in the various areas traditionally associated with Certified Public Accountants, making use of the specific skills and expertise of the different partners.

The firm, through its professionals and its structure is able to perform the following tasks:

• civil and tax accounting;
• keeping and updating company books and tax records (daily transactions listing, inventories, minutes of company meetings, minutes of board meetings, records of bondholders’ meetings, VAT records, register of depreciable assets, etc..);
• the registration and filing (also electronically) of documents at the Chamber of Commerce (Register of Companies, Artisans Guilds, etc..);
• service of legal domiciliation;
• preparation and submission of annual statements of income, tax declarations e.g. VAT mod. 770., Modello Unico for individuals, partnerships, non-commercial entities, corporations, IRAP statements, mod.730, etc..);
• calculation of payments and tax balances;
• preparation and submission of tax declarations and the Model 770 and annual summary certifications;
• preparation and submission of ICI (town council rates tax) statements and methods of payment;
• requirements relating to indirect taxation (registration, stamp duty, mortgages, land tax, inheritance tax and gift tax, etc..);
• providing online updates regarding changes to VAT status to the Tax Office;
• calculation of periodic VAT payments;
• preparation and submission of annual VAT declarations and communications, and INTRASTAT registers;