The firm has expanded its operations over the years in the various areas traditionally associated with Certified Public Accountants, making use of the specific skills and expertise of the different partners.

The firm provides tax advice and comprehensive assistance in the field of direct and indirect taxation: determination of the total income of both individuals and legal entities for calculating income tax, IRPEF, IRES and IRAP, interpretation and implementation of tax provisions on VAT, registration taxes and other forms of indirect taxation.
In addition we provide services regarding domestic and international tax planning, both with regard to companies and corporate groups and individuals. Our clients can be supported in their dealings with public bodies, at both a national and international level. In this regard our professionals assist customers during the preparation of applications submitted to the Financial Administration (tax clearance applications (PLR), internal tax reviews, deferments, tax settlement proposals, settlements, etc.).
Our chartered accountants, can also represent both companies and individuals as authorized defenders in Tax Commissions at both provincial and regional level.